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    Dr. Jeffrey Wallis and his staff are pleased to have this opportunity to provide you with the best possible gastrointestinal care available. Your health, comfort and convenience are foremost in our minds. Dr. Wallis is a gastroenterologist and hepatologist who specializes in the care of diseases and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, including the stomach, liver and pancreas. Our services include: Endoscopy, Cancer Screening, Hemorrhoid-ectomy and more...


    The AspireAssist® is a new, FDA-approved weight loss solution for people with obesity. Unlike many other weight loss procedures, it’s non-surgical and reversible. Placing the device is an outpatient procedure. Patients can often return home within one to two hours, and be back at work quickly. The AspireAssist works by reducing the calories absorbed by the body, while helping you make gradual, healthy changes to your lifestyle.

citrus county fl gastroenterology wallis

    Non-Surgical Balloon for Weight Loss. The ORBERAâ„¢ Intragastric Balloon is a soft yet durable silicone balloon that is designed to assist adult patients with obesity, in losing and maintaining weight. It is intended for patients with a BMI of 30 to 40 who have attempted more conservative weight reduction alternatives. The balloon is placed in the stomach for six months, and is used in conjunction with a long term supervised diet and behavior modification program.

B. Jeffrey Wallis, M.D., P.A. - Colonoscopy, EGD, Liver, ERCP

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